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Knits an R Markdown file summarizing the results of an Experiment or set of Experiments. Outputs an R Markdown-generated html file. If experiment is provided, the results are saved in the Experiment's root results directory (see Experiment$get_save_dir()). Otherwise, the root results directory is taken to be that specified by save_dir. Note that create_rmd() will process and include results from all Experiments found under the root directory.


  open = TRUE,
  title = NULL,
  author = "",
  verbose = 2,
  quiet = TRUE,
  pretty = TRUE,
  eval_order = NULL,
  viz_order = NULL,



An Experiment object. If provided, documentation is created for all previously saved Experiments that are found in the directory given by experiment$get_save_dir(). If no Experiments have been previously saved under this directory, then the current experiment is saved to disk and used to create the documentation template.


An optional directory in which to find previously saved Experiment objects. Documentation is created for these found Experiments. Not used if experiment is provided.


If TRUE, open the R Markdown-generated html file in a web browser.


Character string. Title of the report. By default, this will be the name of the experiment if experiment is provided.


Character string of author names to display in knitted R Markdown document.


Level of verboseness (0, 1, 2) when knitting R Markdown. Default is 2.


Default is TRUE. See rmarkdown::render() for details.


Logical. Specifies whether or not to use pretty R Markdown results template or more barebones R Markdown results template. Default TRUE uses the pretty template. Set to FALSE to start from the barebones template, which can be helpful when using your own custom R Markdown theme.


Vector of Evaluator names in their desired order for display. By default, the report will display the Evaluator results in the order that they were computed.


Vector of Visualizer names in their desired order for display. By default, the report will display the Visualizer results in the order that they were computed.


Additional arguments to pass to rmarkdown::render(). Useful for applying a custom R Markdown output theme.


The original Experiment object if provided. Otherwise, returns NULL.


if (FALSE) {
# create basic Rmd from an experiment (of class `Experiment`)

# or alternatively, create basic Rmd from a specific directory
create_rmd(save_dir = experiment$get_save_dir())}