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Create documentation template (a series of .md files) to fill out for the R Markdown results report. If the experiment is provided, the documentation files can be found in the Experiment's results directory (see Experiment$get_save_dir()) under docs/. Otherwise, the documentation files can be found in the specified save_dir directory under docs/. The documentation files generated include and .md files corresponding to DGPs, Methods, Evaluators, and Visualizers in the Experiment.


init_docs(experiment, save_dir)



An Experiment object. If provided, documentation is created for all previously saved Experiments that are found in the directory given by experiment$get_save_dir(). If no Experiments have been previously saved under this directory, then the current experiment is saved to disk and used to create the documentation template.


An optional directory in which to find previously saved Experiment objects. Documentation is created for these found Experiments. Not used if experiment is provided.


The original Experiment object if provided. Otherwise, returns NULL.


if (FALSE) {
# create documentation template from an experiment (of class `Experiment`)

# or alternatively, create documentation template from a specific directory
init_docs(save_dir = experiment$get_save_dir())}